Sustaining a global clean water supply: Academic to chair conference

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A Swansea University academic is to chair the very first international conference on meeting the worldwide demand for sustainable drinking water using membrane desalination techniques in an energy efficient way.

Professor Hilal NidalProfessor Nidal Hilal, the Director of Centre for Water Advanced Technologies and Environmental Research (CWATER) at Swansea University is the chair the 1st International Conference on Desalination using Membrane Technology held at Sitges, Spain from 7 – 10 April.

Professor Hilal is recognised as a leading international expert in desalination and membrane technologies, which helps to address the major issue of water shortages.  His research is pushing forward ways of providing energy efficient localised solutions to water needs, through removing salt and impurities from seawater and waste water.

The Conference will look at cutting edge theoretical and applied research along with technological and industrial development.

Delegates will include leading academic researchers, scientists and engineers from membrane desalination and associated industries as well as representatives or government organisations, international agencies and aid organisations.

Professor Hilal said: “I am delighted to chair this conference which will address vital issues for the world today. The lack of clean water is the direct cause of millions of deaths every year in poorer countries, while in most affluent countries the demand for such water is continuously increasing.

“Also this conference highlights that, we as engineers, must keep on seeking new ways for the efficient production of water and safeguard the sustainable supply of clean water into the future.”