Students helping hundreds of local children to read - through English and Latin

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Eighty Swansea University students will be heading back to local schools in September to help city youngsters improve their reading, as the Council and University have agreed that a successful literacy scheme, which was introduced last year, should run for another three years.

More than 60 students, all from the University’s College of Arts and Humanities, took part in the scheme last year.  They mentored over 200 youngsters across Swansea, to help boost their skills and enthusiasm for reading, encouraging them to see books as cool and fun.

The University also runs a Literacy through Latin scheme, with the Iris Project, a charity. Students from the Department of History and Classics work with local schools, using Latin as a way of encouraging an interest in words and reading and teaching them about the Roman world.

As well as improving children’s literacy, these schemes also help students gain valuable work experience and transferable skills, boosting their employability.   

Pictures of the Literacy through Latin scheme in action, and of the launch of the literacy scheme with Swansea Council.