Science Cafe: "Future Debate" - Robotics in the Future of our Society

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This month Swansea Science Cafe will host a British Science Association "Future Debate" which will be entitled Robotics in the Future of our Society.

A panel of experts will present their view of robotics and its impact on our future, and then hand over to the audience for questions.

The panellists are:

Date: Wednesday 24th February

Time: 7:30pm

Venue: The Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea SA1 1RR

To register for this event please visit:

Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) are technologies that can perform actions without human guidance. These robots can have various degrees of autonomy, from completing a repetitive task in a fixed and predictable environment to gathering information about different situations and deciding on the best course of action. Recent developments have thrust a wide range of new technologies and potential applications into the spotlight. These include advances in artificial intelligence, machine vision and physical movement technologies that are being combined to approach a wide variety of issues.

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