‘Windsongs of the Blessed Bay’ at Swansea’s Clyne Farm Centre

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Members of Theatr Cadair presented ‘Windsongs of the Blessed Bay’, a 30-minute poetic narrative and music presentation, at Swansea’s Clyne Farm Centre this week.

Windsongs of the Blessed Bay 1The free event, which took place on Wednesday, November 18, also included a hands-on workshop on ‘creating drama from heritage’ by award-winning dramatist Professor David Britton, Head of Creative Writing at Swansea University’s College of Arts and Humanities, and the cast members.

The ‘Windsongs of the Blessed Bay’ event was led by Swansea University and formed part of its Heritage, Health and Wellbeing series for the national 'Being Human' Festival, which runs until November 22.

Windsongs of the Blessed Bay 2Written by Professor Britton, ‘Windsongs of the Blessed Bay’ is a mythic play with music and puppetry, which explores family, community and heritage from the perspective of a young blind woman, Betrys.

Dr Elaine Canning, Head of the Research Institute for Arts and Humanities at Swansea University, said: “We are delighted to be hosting a festival hub as part of Being Human 2015 and wish to thank the festival organisers for giving us this exciting opportunity to bring our research into the community.

“Heritage, Health and Wellbeing will provide meaningful ways for us to engage with the public and encourage a re-evaluation of the importance of wellbeing and the heritage of our region.

“The general public and schools will be able to participate in a wide range of activities including drama, art and poetry sessions and competitions at a variety of venues across the city.”

Windsongs of the Blessed Bay 3Writer and broadcaster Professor Peter Stead, regional ambassador for the festival said: “In 2015 I am delighted that Swansea University has closer and richer links with surrounding communities than at any other time. In recent years the University has secured an international reputation for cutting edge research right across the academic spectrum and yet, thrillingly, has continued to engage with local people.

“The enthusiasm, flair and genius of its scholars is being transmitted fully into local lives which are in the process enriched and I am honoured to act as regional ambassador for Being Human 2015.

“Heritage, Health and Wellbeing will be part of an 11 day national programme of big ideas, big debates and engaging activities for all ages. The festival will inform, extend and ignite contemporary thinking and imagination around the humanities.”

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