Swansea City Reaches Full Time on Fan Engagement Project with Swansea University Students

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Swansea City Football Club and Software Alliance Wales today announce that they have completed a year-long joint app development project. The project saw the football club utilise the IT skills of three of Swansea University’s third year computer science students to develop mobile applications that would enhance fan engagement.

Swansea University students Bradley Coles-Perkins, Sam Lucas and Jonathan Philli

Last October, the football club was looking to take its fan engagement strategy to the next level by researching and developing apps that would inform and entertain fans as well as streamline with business processes. Swansea City’s commercial team heard about Software Alliance Wales’ student development projects, which match up students doing final year projects with businesses looking to enhance their IT strategies, which then offered them the skills of students Bradley Coles-Perkins, Sam Lucas, and Jon Phillips.

 The projects were as follows:

  • Bradley Coles-Perkins created an iOS (Apple) app that would enable fans to purchase half time home and away flyers.
  • Sam Lucas developed an interactive quiz app for Android devices.
  • Jon Phillips created a mobile web app that would enable the football club to create competitions that fans could also enter via the app.

Leigh Dineen, Vice Chairman at Swansea City Football Club, said: “We are committed to investing in the local community, and this includes investment in people and skills. Software Alliance Wales and Swansea University are renowned for producing best-of-breed IT students so we were delighted to be able to utilise the enviable IT skills of three of their brightest students and at the same time give them some business experience for their CVs.”

The opportunity to solve real life IT business issues has given the students a wealth of knowledge to take with them into their career after they graduate. Student, Bradley Coles-Perkins, explains, “It’s been a great experience working with the football club. I’ve been given a lot of flexibility and autonomy which has enabled me to be creative with my project, but at the same time knowing that I have the support of the business, the university and the team at Software Alliance Wales.”

Dr. Neal Harman, Project Director for Software Alliance Wales and Head of Teaching at Swansea University said: “It’s key for Software Alliance Wales, the University and the students to work closely with business to harness and nurture skills, jobs and the economy here in Wales. Swansea City Football Club and Swansea University are such huge local institutions and it’s been a fantastic opportunity for all involved to work together on this. We are very much looking forward to working with them on other projects in the future.”

The club is now assessing how the apps can be further developed and integrated into their business systems. Mr. Dineen concludes: “These are three very strong mobile apps that are all capable of fulfilling our objective of enhancing our fan engagement strategy. We’re looking forward to attending the upcoming Project Fair in June to see what other exciting things Swansea University students have to offer us and how we may be able to further harness these locally grown skills in our business.”

Software Alliance Wales is focused on bridging the IT skills gap in Wales, from student employability to professional upskilling right through to IT company accreditation, it’s committed to technology and its role in a growing Welsh economy. Last week, all of Swansea University’s final year computer science student’s projects were showcased at Software Alliance Wales’ annual fair at TechHub Swansea in front of a wealth of local businesses looking for new IT recruits.

Pictured: Swansea University students Bradley Coles-Perkins, Sam Lucas and Jonathan Phillips