University flies high with new flight simulator

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Aerospace Engineering students at Swansea University’s will soon be flying high as a brand new flight simulator system is to wing its way to the College of Engineering.

The College which already has one MP521 flight simulator, decided to acquire the new MP500-1 flight simulator, built by the Merlin Flight Simulation Group, to enhance provision for its drastically increasing student numbers. The simulator is expected to be delivered in late July.

The new simulator can be can be used to develop Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) development and can be connected to the existing MP521 so that the two simulators can fly in the same virtual airspace.

Professor Hans Sienz said: “The College of Engineering at Swansea University with its innovative, accredited aerospace degree schemes has integrated the usage of the flight simulator in its modern aerospace degree programme provision and particularly into the design aspects.

“We have been and are very fortunate to have excellent in-house expertise in our technical team, who closely work with Merlin on further integrating the flight simulator in our teaching and also on further improving the capabilities of the system.

Marion Neal, Marketing Director of Merlin Flight Simulation Group said:  ‘Working with Swansea University Aerospace students is always extremely rewarding, they have so many projects running during the year on their MP521 engineering flight simulator.  The purchase of additional equipment will ensure that all students have plenty of time to take their aircraft development work even further’.

For more information about studying Aerospace at Swansea University watch Beth and Roberto talking about their experiences and see the MP521 flight simulator in action.