Swansea University Hosts Counterterrorism Policing Seminar

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Swansea University will today (9 July) host a seminar entitled “Understanding the UK’s Counterterrorism Network”.

The event, which has been organised by the University’s Cyberterrorism Project, will explore some of the most significant issues around modern day terrorist and counterterrorism policing, including the composition of the UK’s investigative network, the threat from cyber-attack and contemporary terrorists’ use of the internet as both a radicalization tool and a communication method. As well as researchers, the seminar will be attended by police officers and members of the Welsh Government.

The seminar will be led by Wynne Jones. Wynne, who is currently a guest lecturer at Swansea University, worked for the police for more than thirty years. During his career he gained extensive experience of working within international counterterrorism law enforcement organizations such as the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command and the FBI. He explained, “Terrorism research has increased dramatically since the events of 9/11 and 7/7. There has been considerable discussion of issues around the legal definitions of terrorism and anti-terrorism legislation. This seminar will inform researchers of how the counterterrorism network that has been developed carries out terrorist investigations and prosecutions in order that they are more able to gather, assess and critically examine relevant information”.

For more information on the seminar please email ctproject@swansea.ac.uk

For more information on the Cyberterrorism Project please visit www.cyberterrorism-project.org