Swansea marks Europe Day

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Europe Day is on Thursday 9 May, marking the achievements of the European Union. Swansea University will be flying the European Flag, acknowledging how direct financial EU support has helped the University.

Swansea University has secured over £120 million of European funding across a wide range of diverse strategic and innovative projects, working directly with the European Commission and the Welsh Government.

Professor Richard B Davies, Swansea University’s Vice Chancellor said: “As a research-led institution with an ambitious growth strategy, Swansea University welcomes the significant funds received from the EU through the Welsh Government and is proud of the proven success of these projects in creating high-value and high-skill jobs and, as importantly, attracting further investment into the south west region of Wales to help drive forward the knowledge economy.”

Funding has come from sources such as:

•    European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), 17 strategic projects aimed at supporting regional development. Over £40m has recently been secured for the ‘Science & Innovation campus'.
•    European Social Fund (ESF), 13 strategic projects, which are primarily focused on increasing employment opportunities and creating quality of life improvements for people in Wales.  
•    Interreg - cross-border and inter-regional EU co-operation, through promoting sustainable development of Wales with other EU regions
•    7th Framework Programme (FP7) approximately £9m of project funding, aimed at encouraging research and technological development, in areas as diverse as diabetes and aircraft wings
•    Other European supported initiatives, including the Erasmus programme which links Swansea University to 31 European regions, Health Programme and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), assisting local small businesses to make the most of the European marketplace.

In recognition of our significant links with Europe, Swansea University has recently registered as a local contact point for the EURAXESS UK network, which provides information and advice for researchers inside or outside the UK.  

On Europe Day the University will host a number of European-themed activities, including the launch for the new Science & Innovation Campus.  

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More information: Swansea University’s Department of Research & Innovation (DRI) researchandinnovation@swansea.ac.uk