Swansea academic appointed to government safety committee

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A Swansea University academic has been appointed to a prestigious committee which advises government on the safety of chemical compounds in food, household goods, pesticides and pharmaceuticals.

Dr Shareen DoakDr Shareen Doak, from the University’s College of Medicine, has been appointed as an Expert Member on the Committee on Mutagenicity on Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products & the Environment (COM) which looks at whether natural and man-made chemicals found in such products are harmful to human health.

In particular, this independent advisory body provides advice to UK Government departments and agencies on whether chemicals used in the manufacture of products contain mutagens which can damage DNA and can cause health problems such as cancer.

The COM also reports to the Chief Medical Officer and the Chair of the Food Standards Agency on all aspects of mutagen risk assessment.

Committee members are appointed by the Secretary of State and form a select panel of just 10 independent scientists. Dr Doak now joins Professor Gareth Jenkins, also of Swansea University’s College of Medicine who is also currently serving on the COM.

Dr Doak said: “I am absolutely thrilled to be appointed as a member of the COM. The work they conduct is incredibly important and I feel privileged to be part of this committee to be able to actively contribute to the protection of human health within our society. “