Special Event Acknowledges Swansea University Academics

Please note, this page has been archived and is no longer being updated.

At the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol’s second Annual Assembly, to be held on 26 February at Aberystwyth, the Coleg will acknowledge Swansea University research students who have obtained doctorates under the auspices of the Coleg (or its predecessor The Centre for Welsh Medium Higher Education).

Dr Elain Price, Lecturer in Media Studies and Dr Kate Evans, Lecturer in Geography at Swansea University will be honoured as well as Dr Rachel Davies, who received her Doctorate in Law from Swansea University last year.

Since 2005, over 60 students have received research scholarships as part of a scheme established to create a new generation of Welsh medium lecturers in a wide range of academic subject areas. Today, 14 of those research scholarship holders are among the 54 to have been appointed as lecturers in universities across Wales, thanks to the support of the Coleg’s Academic Staffing Scheme. Over 40 research students are receiving support through the scheme at present and earlier this month, the Coleg’s Academic Board agreed on new arrangements for the future continuation of the scheme.

In addition to acknowledging research students, the Coleg will also award Honorary Fellowships. Last year at Swansea, the first Assembly was held with Dr Meredydd Evans, Professor Hazel Walford Davies and Swansea University’s Professor M. Wynn Thomas receiving Honorary Fellowships of the Coleg. The three being honoured this year are Professor Robin Williams, Professor Ioan Williams and Dr John Davies.