Pentrehafod Pupils Sponsor Zambian Students

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Pentrehafod school pupils saw for themselves today how they will make a difference to the life of an orphan in Africa over the next two years.


During the launch of ‘Swansea Siavonga Partnership Scholarship Scheme’ by Discovery at Swansea University, representatives from the Zambian community explained how their cheque of £480.00 will change the lives of two Zambian students.

Their donation will go towards school fees, uniforms, books and events for both students from Matuwa School who are part of the Swansea Siavonga Schools Linking Programme. They will also be given access to a digital camera to encourage both parties to share stories and communicate on a regular basis.

As many of the affected population of Siavonga are women who live without access to education or many basic resources, helping young girls to achieve good results through the programme will be the main priority.

It is hoped that future partnerships will develop as a result of the scholarship programme but in the meantime, a new group of students will travel to Africa in July to volunteer and experience life in Siavonga as part of the Discovery Zambia Project.


Swansea University Vice Chancellor Professor Richard B Davies said: ‘‘We are very grateful to Pentrehafod for their kind contribution and for leading the way on this scholarship scheme. I look forward to seeing it progress and I hope others will follow in their footsteps so that more orphaned young people can fulfil their educational potential in future.’’

Linda Statts, Pentrehafod Deputy Head added: ‘‘We are proud in Pentrehafod to be able to contribute to the learning of others and it’s only natural to want to support pupils elsewhere via the link with Discovery and the Swansea Siavonga Partnership. We look forward to sharing ideas and resources with the students in Matuwa School for many years to come to the benefit of all.’’

Picture: Christine Watson, Discovery Manager, (L) and Linda Statts, Pentrehafod Deupty Head (R) along with Tomos Garrett and John Carter from Pentrehafod.