One hundred teachers set to up-skill in Computer Science

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A programme that heralds a new phase in the way Computing is taught in schools has been given the go ahead by Welsh Government.

The Technocamps project based at Swansea University has just secured funding from the National Science Academy through Welsh Government to deliver a series of intense training programmes for teachers and educators in Computing and Computer Science.

The professional development training which will run over a six week period for five different groups of teachers is due to start next month (November 6th) with 20 primary teachers set to gain new skills in Computer Science that can be applied in the classroom.

This training compliments the recent report of the Welsh Government's ICT Steering Group that recommends 'A programme of training and professional development to enable the new Computing curriculum should be accessible to new and existing teachers.' 

Professor Faron Moller, Director of Technocamps, said, ‘This is a great opportunity for teachers to have an intense training experience as part of the drive to introduce Computer Science in Education. The Welsh Government ICT Steering Group report recommends integrating Computing into the curriculum as the fourth science, so with this in mind, this programme will give the teachers a head start in equipping themselves with the necessary skills needed to deliver computing in school.’

The first three weeks will be held at Swansea University and the final three weeks at the newly formed University of South Wales, Trinity St David on the Swansea campus.

Training for the first cohort of teachers from primary schools will focus on 'Scratch', 'Logo' and 'Hopscotch' and by the end of the course teachers will feel confident in using this as part of their teaching, and will benefit pupils.

There will be a series of courses run over the next year for primary and secondary teachers, so if anyone misses the first training sessions they will get an opportunity to sign up next year.

Technocamps is also hosting a teacher’s conference on November 26th at the Liberty Stadium which will focus on the transition to key stage 3.  Teachers will be able to get an insight into the recommendations of the Welsh Government report, an overview of the success stories already in Wales, as well as an opportunity to attend workshops in Scratch, Microsoft Kodu, LEGO and Playground Computing.

The day will also host pupils from a local school who will attend workshops run by Technocamps and the Digital Makers Fund, including Codo Dojo, Technology will Save Us, Playground Computing and Cargobots.