November Science Cafe -The Severn Barrage: Europe's Largest Proposed Marine Renewable Energy Project

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 Title: The Severn Barrage: Europe's Largest Proposed Marine Renewable Energy Project

Speaker: Professor Roger Falconer of Cardiff University

Date: Wednesday 27th November

Time:  7:30pm

Venue: The Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea

Admission: Free, all welcome

Summary:In this talk, Professor Falconer will discuss the Severn Barrage which, if it is built, would be a truly huge engineering feat and amongst the world's biggest construction projects.

Professor Falconer will summarise the work that the Hydro-Environmental Research Centre at Cardiff University has performed on modelling the barrage. The predictions of the simulations of the barrage in different configurations will be shown including the "two-way" and "ebb tide only" setups. The results will show that the two-way power generation is favourable in that it minimises several of the hydro-environmental concerns and offers better flood protection while offering almost the same power as the ebb tide configuration.

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