Knowledge exchange: Global trading company OSTC collaborates with School of Management

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A new collaboration between leading global trading company OSTC and Swansea University’s School of Management is set to boost the skills and employment prospects of students with an interest in trading.

OSTC, which has 13 offices across Europe, North America and Asia, will provide School of Management students with access to specialist trading and charting software in the School’s newly established Trading Room.  This will allow students to learn trading and financial analysis using the type of software used in the trading rooms of investment banks.

Dr Mike BuckleOSTC works closely with the region’s universities, helping students to understand how ‘news’ and macro-economic factors impact on the financial markets and recruiting the possible traders of the future.

The School is also working with Cardiff, South Wales, and Bangor Universities on a bid for Welsh Government funding to link their trading floors, so that expertise can be shared across the institutions.

OSTC which has a Swansea office employing 80 staff – the majority of whom are graduates from universities in south Wales – has also assisted Swansea University to set up an investment society for students, which is facilitated by the School of Management’s Dr Mike Buckle, Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance.

The society will benefit from the expertise of OSTC staff through webinars broadcast to the University on a weekly basis.

In addition, with the support of OSTC, Dr Buckle has been successful in securing industry leader CQG’s Integrated Client software, for installation in the trading room at no cost to the University.

Trading Room generalCQG is one of the industry’s highest-performing solutions for integrated trade routing, global market data, and advanced technical analysis.  The commercial cost of this software is $288,000 (approx £176,000) a year and so it represents a considerable in-kind donation to the University from CQG, which will greatly benefit School of Management students.

Dr Mike Buckle said: “We are thrilled to work with OSTC; this partnership will boost our students’ employment prospects by giving them valuable, hands-on experience of financial trading’.

“We would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to CQD for their support towards our students – the potential traders of the future – through the donation of their Integrated Client software to the School of Management.”

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