From Belgrade to Brynmill - Serbian careers experts visit Swansea

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Whether it’s in Swansea or Serbia, young people across Europe are having a tough time getting a job. Swansea University careers and employability experts have been helping to tackle the problem at international level by hosting a group of 14 of their counterparts from Serbia.

The Serbian experts were in Swansea to find out about the work of the University’s careers and employability service.  The aim was to get ideas for developing their own services at home, so they can boost their own students’ chances of getting a job.  The group includes careers experts and a minister from the Serbian government.

The visit is part of a three-year project between Swansea University and universities in Serbia.  It’s run as part of a European Union programme which is aimed at supporting countries surrounding the EU.  Serbia is not an EU member at present but is hoping to join.  

Pauline McDonald is head of Swansea University Careers and Employability Service.   She said:

We’re delighted to be welcoming our Serbian colleagues to Swansea.   We’ll be running training sessions with them about careers guidance, especially our online services.  The idea is that they get the full picture about what our careers work involves.

They’ll have the chance to see our advisers at work, take part in seminars and meet some of our students.   We’ll also be telling them about the Swansea Employability Award, which has really helped our students to show potential employers the skills they can offer.   

Marija Jovanovic is one of the Serbian visitors, from the University of Belgrade Centre for Career Development.  She said:

Our work is aimed at developing career guidance and improving higher education in Serbia. 

We have had wonderful training this week, organised by the Careers and Employability Service in Swansea.  The staff are devoted, and the enthusiasm with which they share their knowledge and experience is admirable.  I believe that the whole group appreciate it very much.