Egypt Centre Summer Holiday Workshop 2012

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Summer Holiday workshop 2012

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Week 1 (24th – 25th or 26th – 27th July)

Explorers and Archaeologists:

· Learn about Howard Carter and the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb

· Handle real ancient Egyptian objects and make your own replica

· Perform a mummification

· Discover a mummy and artefacts in a tomb – carefully excavate and unwrap the mummy



Week 2 (31st July – 1st August or 2nd – 3rd August)

Tombs, Temples, Pyramids and places:

· Learn about the ancient Egyptian temples and the art they contained

· Design and make a burial chamber complete with wall reliefs, mummy and


· Design and make your own pyramid to contain the burial chamber (made earlier)

· Perform your own mummification


Week 3 (7th – 8th & 9th – 10th August)

Pharaohs and Queens – The Royal Family:

· Dress up as ancient Egyptians and lead a musical procession

· Design and make Egyptian jewellery

· Design and make weapons used to protect Egypt and the Pharaoh

· Learn to play the game Senet and make your own game board

· Perform a royal mummification!


Week 4 (14th – 15th & 16th – 17th August)

Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt:

· Learn about the roles and jobs in ancient Egypt

· Learn about ancient Egyptian food and drink before making an offering tray

· Be an embalmer and perform a mummification

· Become a scribe and learn how to write your name in hieroglyphs

· Handle some real ancient Egyptian objects and record your favourite items


Week 5 (21st – 22nd & 23rd – 24th August)

Gods, Goddesses and Animals:

· Learn about, and dress up as, ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses

· Make your own god/goddesses headdress

· Make a shrine to an ancient Egyptian god/goddess

· Discover all about animals and mummifying in Ancient Egypt – mummify a crocodile or cat


Kids in Egypt Centre Workshop


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