A head start in tough times – local employers urged to offer students a “Week of Work”

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Over 90% of its students are in work or further study six months after graduating, but Swansea University is looking for new ways to give graduates even more of a head start, hosting an event on Tuesday 16th October for local employers, inviting them to offer work experience to students.

The call to employers comes from the University’s Employability Academy, set up earlier this year to help make Swansea graduates more employable.  Work placements are one of the key ways in which the Academy will be doing this.

The Academy is planning a “Week of Work” in January.  Students will be able to get a week of work experience, to help improve their skills and give them real experience of the world of work.  

Some employers are already involved, but the Academy is keen to involve more.

Professor Hilary Lappin-Scott, Head of the Swansea Employability Academy, said:

“We are looking to businesses in and beyond the region to provide meaningful work experience for our graduates.  We very much hope that all involved will benefit and in some cases it will lead to our graduates being offered jobs. 

Swansea University Vice-Chancellor Professor Richard B Davies added:

“Over 90% of our students are already in work or studying six months after graduating.  Many of the others have chosen to postpone working to take a gap year travelling.  But we take a longer-term interest in our students’ successes; we want to ensure that Swansea graduates are given a head start in developing and pursuing the most rewarding careers.  This is the challenge which the Academy is addressing”.

  • The reception for employers will take place at Swansea University on 16th October.
  • The Swansea Employability Academy is a significant force for economic growth, through developing highly skilled, talented and employable global graduates;encouraging entrepreneurial skills and attitudes;supporting new enterprise development and promoting employee learning.
  • The annual 'Employability Week' in January 2013 will provide workshops and events where students will enhance their sound platform of core graduate competencies such as teamwork, communication, presentation skills, project management and professionalism.